Our History

At Betro | Mileszko & Company, we are dedicated to providing our clients with expert, trustworthy investment advice to meet their specific needs at an exceptional value.

We deliver our services with a level of personal attention and customization that most large firms are simply unable to provide. Whether you are investing for retirement, current income or long-term growth, our goal is to invest your portfolio assets using a disciplined and systematic process that seeks to achieve above average returns while managing risk to a level you are comfortable with. Our clients include Individuals, Families, Business Owners, Corporate Executives, Medical Professionals, and Corporate Retirement Plans.

About Us

We approach decisions about managing your wealth with
Five Guiding Principles in mind:

We place the needs and interests of our clients foremost.

We believe that complete independence is essential in the management of portfolio assets.

We believe that controlling costs will ultimately create more wealth for our clients.

We will conduct a thorough and complete evaluation of each client’s financial needs, and will develop a customized investment strategy to reflect their specific goals.

We remain committed to a disciplined investment strategy that utilizes diversification and independent analysis.