Our Services - A Wealth of Opportunities

At Betro | Mileszko & Company, we believe that in order to manage a client’s portfolio successfully, it is necessary to have a good understanding of tax, estate, investment and retirement planning matters. That’s why we are able to serve as the central coordinator of solutions designed to meet our clients’ needs when requested.

Whether you choose to consolidate all of your service needs with us or continue to use other professionals, we can work closely with you to help you determine if your overall plan is well coordinated and executed in accordance with your wishes.

The professional services you can receive at Betro | Mileszko & Company and our affiliates include:
  • Retirement Planning: Whether you are currently retired or twenty years from retirement, we can evaluate your current retirement plan and offer services designed to help you stay on track to achieve or maintain the lifestyle you wish to have – now and in the future. Having sufficient retirement income, ensuring you don’t outlive your assets, and making wise investment choices are all important retirement strategies that many individuals need to consider before creating a plan to meet their retirement goals.
  • Investment Management: Whether investing for long-term growth or capital preservation and income, we have the knowledge and professional expertise to help you invest your portfolio assets while relieving you and your family members of the burden of investing. Our investment management services are administered through a prudent and diversified approach designed to help you achieve your specific objectives with the least amount of risk. We focus our investments on what we believe are the best funds available, but we do not accept any commissions or compensation from the companies we invest in. Because the vast majority of actively managed funds fail to outperform a comparable index fund, we may invest your portfolio assets in both index and actively managed funds to reduce costs, achieve a broader level of diversification and minimize taxes. Our investment management programs include separately managed mutual fund and ETF portfolios, individual bond portfolios, portfolio management for highly tax sensitive investors, and retirement plan management.
  • Asset Allocation: The underlying asset allocation of your portfolio (i.e. how much in stocks, bonds, cash, etc.) is the single most important determinant of your portfolio’s performance. In fact, asset allocation, not security selection, can account for as much as 90% or more of your investment returns. We understand this important fact and therefore devote a great deal of time analyzing economic and market environments to help shape what we believe is the optimal asset allocation strategy. Based on your specific investment needs, tolerance for risk, and market conditions, we can develop an appropriate asset allocation plan that you will be comfortable with. As your personal circumstances or market conditions change over time, adjustments will be made to your asset allocation program to properly reflect your goals and risk tolerance.
  • Financial Planning: We believe effective financial planning is achieved through the successful integration of investment management, estate planning, retirement planning and tax minimization strategies. At Betro | Mileszko & Company, we have access to resources and may serve as the centralized coordinator of all your financial planning needs if requested. We will work with other professionals and technical experts to help coordinate and direct each element of your plan. Ultimately, we want your plan to reflect your specific needs by integrating a complementary array of services.
  • Estate Planning: Proper estate planning and management involves a variety of complex issues that only the most qualified professionals are capable of delivering effectively. A mistake now could cost your family and heirs a significant portion of the wealth you’ve worked so hard to create. At Betro | Mileszko & Company, we have access to both internal and external resources which may help ensure your estate is preserved, protected from unnecessary taxation and distributed in accordance with your personal wishes. We can help you decide on what is the right trust for you, ensure privacy during the settlement process, reduce estate taxes, help your beneficiaries manage inherited assets prudently, and establish a distribution plan that ensures your legacy will be maintained for many years to come.
  • Income Tax Planning: Most people fail to consider income tax issues until filing deadlines are approaching. But year-round planning can help minimize both your business and personal tax burden. Through our affiliate, we keep abreast of current trends and techniques to help you achieve your goals and put you in control of your tax situation. When managing your taxable investments, we can approach each transaction with full consideration of its impact on your tax situation.
  • Cash Management: Our cash management services can help you get the highest rates available on short term debt instruments and money markets. We can also analyze your cash flows and identify shortfalls or savings opportunities if they exist. For investors in high tax brackets, municipal or tax-free instruments may also be used.
  • Wealth Transfer and Gifting Strategies: Your estate may benefit significantly by transferring the ownership of assets to beneficiaries, a trust or even a charity. When it is advantageous for you to do so, we can advise on what gifting or asset transfer strategies would help meet your needs and preferences for minimizing estate taxes and building a legacy for future generations.
  • Retirement Plan Evaluation and Consulting: If you are a business owner and need help in designing and managing a retirement plan for you and your employees, we can help you evaluate your options and determine what plan or combination of plans would benefit you most. As a plan administrator, we can help create investment options that may help you meet your obligations as a plan fiduciary and manage plan assets for you and your participants. We can provide you with objective, independent and unbiased advice based on our extensive expertise in mutual funds. With our assistance, your employees can gain a better understanding of what it takes to build a successful long-term retirement plan.
  • Business Valuation Services: Our affiliate, Betro and Company, is highly experienced in establishing the worth of a business. If requested, we can provide meaningful and objective analysis to assist you in areas such as gift and succession planning, purchase and sale of business interests, buy/sell agreements, divorce settlements and litigation.