About Our Firm – History and Tradition

At Betro | Mileszko & Company, we are dedicated to providing our clients with expert, trustworthy investment advice to meet their specific needs at an exceptional value. We deliver our services with a level of personal attention and customization that most large firms are simply unable to provide, and we focus on controlling your costs. Whether you are investing for retirement, current income or long term growth, our goal is to invest your portfolio using a disciplined and systematic process that seeks to achieve above average returns while managing risk to a level you are comfortable with. We do that by investing in a combination of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs designed specifically for your investment needs. As a fee-based investment advisor, our investment management services are appropriate for most investors with substantial assets to invest, such as:
  • Individuals – If you currently have an IRA, Individual or Joint account, we can design and manage a portfolio for you that reflects your specific investment goals, income needs and tolerance for risk. If you have multiple accounts, different investing strategies can be developed for each account. As your needs or circumstances change over time, we will work with you in making appropriate changes to your investment plan.
  • Families – When you work with Betro | Mileszko & Company, we can consider all of your family assets as part of one relationship. As such, we are able to manage your family trusts, custodial accounts, individual accounts, family foundations and retirement accounts prudently. When assets are passed along to beneficiaries or heirs, we can help you maintain privacy and continuity of management throughout the entire process.
  • Business Owners – Successful business owners can entrust both their personal as well as corporate assets to us for discreet professional management. Whether your needs require cash management services or the investment of retirement plan assets, we have the expertise to invest your company’s assets prudently and professionally. Through our affiliates, we are also able to help you assess the value of your business, help with succession planning, assist with buy/sell agreements and purchase and sale transactions.
  • Corporate Executives – Whether working for a public or private corporation, our services and resources can help meet the complex needs of successful corporate executives. As a client, we will work closely with you on matters such as retirement planning, divesting strategies, income tax, estate, and investment planning.
  • Medical Professionals – Physicians, surgeons, dentists and other medical professionals have unique needs that only the most skilled advisors are capable of serving. At Betro | Mileszko & Company, we have access to professional resources that can help you achieve financial success as a medical professional. These services include tax and estate planning, investment management, retirement planning and succession planning.
  • Corporate Retirement Plans – If you are in the process of creating a corporate retirement plan or are currently serving as a plan fiduciary, our investment management expertise and retirement plan resources can help you develop, monitor and manage the right plan for you and your plan participants. From determining what type of retirement plan best meets your needs to prudently managing your plan assets, we will approach decisions made on your behalf in an objective and independent manner. We can work closely with you in selecting various service providers and will monitor your plan’s investment selections on an ongoing basis.
  • Foundations and Endowments – If you have a private family foundation or are a member of an investment committee responsible for investing an endowment’s assets, we can help you meet your duties and obligations as a fiduciary. We have the professional expertise to work with you in building a portfolio that reflects your foundation or endowment’s specific goals, values and mission. We can assist you in developing investment policy and rebalancing guidelines, and will deliver our services to you in an objective and unbiased manner.
At Betro | Mileszko & Company, we approach decisions about managing your wealth with five Guiding Principles in mind:
  1. We place the needs and interests of our clients foremost.
  2. We believe that complete independence is essential in the management of portfolio assets – that’s why we do not sell proprietary funds or accept commissions for the investments we make for clients.
  3. We believe that controlling costs will ultimately create more wealth for our clients.
  4. We evaluate each client’s investment situation carefully to determine an appropriate strategy for their investment goals.
  5. We remain committed to a disciplined investment strategy that utilizes diversification and independent analysis.
As our client, you have our word that we will approach decisions regarding your personal wealth with these guiding principles in mind. We will exercise our fiduciary duties with the highest level of professional and ethical standards.